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Online Student Newspaper Service!


An Online Home School Newspaper Makes a Great Extracurricular for Area Students

Start your own homeschool journalism club.


A few reasons to start an online student newspaper for your homeschool support group's students: 1) It will look good on college admissions and scholarship applications; 2) It is a fun, safe and productive alternative to social networking sites such as mySpace; 3) Students can participate 100% from home with an Internet connection; 4) Students will get to participate in a live activity that is one of the cornerstones of our freedom.

* Develop and demonstrate leadership skills.

* Written communication is a critical life skill.

* Practice writing, teamwork and organizational skills.

* Journalism is a great American tradition.

* Journalism is a key part of the foundation of a Free nation.

* Serve your community.

* Makes a great homeschool extracurricular activity.

Benefit to College Bound Students

Active participation in student journalism is a great addition to college admissions and scholarship applications.

You can even point admissions officers and scholarship committees to your online Student Newspaper site so they can see your contributions.

We make it easy and affordable for your homeschool support group and your students to run an online newspaper.

You will save time and money (postage and printing) by putting your newsletter / newspaper online. Students and your association members can contribute to the online newsletter / newspaper from anywhere in the world - all that is needed is an Internet connection.

Editors that you assign approve all article submissions before they are published so you will know that all the content of your online newspaper is appropriate for your audience.

* We do not advertise on your site - nor do we use any kind of annoying popups or spyware.

* Safe and secure!

Start your own Online Home School Student Newspaper Today!



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