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Online Student Newspaper Service!


Online Student Newspaper for Your School

Our Online School Newspaper Service is Used by Elementary, Middle and High Schools Across the USA and Canada


Looking for an Authentic Learning project?

Are you considering starting a school newspaper?

Have your been searching the Internet for school newspaper templates or similar tools to help you get started quickly and easily?

Consider starting an online student school newspaper instead!

You will save money by not printing (not too mention saving a bunch of aggravation with printers and ink and distribution of a hardcopy newspaper or newsletter).

Your students are already comfortable contributing online (think mySpace and other social networking sites). An online newspaper for your school will give them a productive outlet for an activity they do anyway - and will give you another teaching opportunity.

Collaboration is easy! Students are are assigned jobs (editors, reporters, photographers, etc.) and our easy to use web based application takes care of the rest.

Are you looking for ways to teach with technology or improve the teaching technology offerings of your school?

YourStudentNews can help! Your students will...

* Develop and demonstrate leadership skills.

* Practice writing, teamwork and organizational skills.

* Develop and demonstrate online publishing experience.

YourStudentNews is a great way to integrate learning across a number of disciplines: English composition, computer skills, digital graphics and photography, history, research and even science. Any subject taught can include article writing assignments.

Are you looking for ways to improve communication with parents? Now you can showcase the work and accomplishments of your students online in the form of an online and highly interactive student newspaper!

Safe and secure!

Editors that you assign approve all article submissions before they are published so you will know that all the content of your online newspaper is appropriate for your audience. is easy to setup and run: Articles, polls and photos are submitted by student newspaper staff through a user-friendly web interface. All articles are approved before being published on the live public site.

We do not advertise on your site - nor do we use any kind of annoying popups or spyware.

Don't forget to check out our large selection of newspaper templates for your own yourStudentNews site - we can also custom design the graphics and color scheme just for you.

There are many benefits to creating an online student newspaper for your school - learn more!

Tired of selling donuts? Are you looking for a unique fundraiser? can be used as a school, club or classroom fundraiser by getting local businesses to sponsor your online newspaper, incorporating pay-per-click advertising and Amazon book sales. Your own online newspaper is a great learning experience for your students, provides a valuable community service and can provide ongoing fundraising.

Start your own Online Student Newspaper Today!



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