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Online Student Newspaper Service!


Get An Online Student Newspaper for Every School In Your District or Even State!

Teach With Technology!


Our online student newspaper service provides your students with a constructive use of the Internet and technology.

Improve Writing Skills
Practice Team Work and Time Management
A Technology Related "Authentic Learning" Opportunity
Easy Cross-Curriculum Integration (Write and publish online articles about history, science and even math!)
Improve Communication Across Your Schools and Community
Provides a Way to Help Your District "Go Green" and cut down on printing costs

Starting online student newspapers in your schools may even help you increase test scores.

A recent study by the Newspaper Association of America shows a positive link between academic performance and participation in student journalism.

According to this study, students who participate in school journalism programs:

* earn significantly higher grade point averages
* demonstrate better writing and grammar skills
* score better on college entrance exams

“The results emphasize the importance of maintaining strong journalism programs in high school. Consider the benefits: Not only does participation in high school journalism programs put students on the path to academic success, but - as previous NAA Foundation research has shown – newspaper programs aimed at youth also helps nurture a future generation of informed and involved citizens, a path toward active participation in our democratic process."

See the complete story about student journalism...

Our secure application is password protected and only a teacher - adviser can make an article "go live."

Pricing will depend on the number of schools in your district and the package selected. You will save 10% or more over single school pricing.

If you would like a no obligation price quote, send an email to

Please be sure to include your name, position and the number of schools in your district.



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