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To Blog or Not to Blog?


It seems like there are two choices for online school newspaper reader feedback.

1) Allow un-moderated comments that are automatically and instantly published. Not a great idea! You would be certain to get lots of spam and inappropriate comments!

2) Allow moderated comments that you have to approve before they are published. This is a better approach but requires daily work to keep up with it.

We do allow your readers to submit feedback. Either by the main online school newspaper email (that you specify) or with a Submit feature. Submitted articles are viewable only by users who have appropriate permissions (usually the teacher / sponsor only).

However, we provide another solution to allow your readers and students to blog away about an article. At the top right hand side of every article is a "Search for Blogs" link.

Click this link and automatically connect to Technorati (a popular blog engine) and search for comments or post your own comments about the article. This separates the comments from your online school newspaper while still allowing readers to freely express themselves.



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