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Online Student Newspaper Service!


Your Own Online School Newspaper - Easy as E-Mail Online School Newspaper Service is Easy and Affordable


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Who says running an online student newspaper has to be difficult or expensive? is designed for the classroom and the teacher adviser - not for techies.

Are you wondering how to start and run your own online school or student newspaper (YSN) makes it easy and affordable for you to start and manage your own online student newspaper.  Our service makes managing an online school newspaper as easy as email.

 No technical, programming or web development skills are needed.

YSN provides all the features you expect for an online school newspaper plus some! 

Feature Hightlights


No need for you to worry about the technology. is a turnkey service:  YSN provides all the backend techie stuff (hosting, domain name, email, secure web application, etc.). 

Create and Learn

You and your students provide the content.  You get to focus on quality journalism and media rich content and teaching not the information technology.

Cloud Based provides an easy and secure web based student newspaper application. This means that you and your students can work on your online school newspaper anywhere and at anytime.  All you and your students need is an Internet connected computer and modern standard browser. 

FireFox  is recommended but the software will work fine in other full featured browsers.  Note: Google Chrome does not support layered graphics and will therefore not support all the features of our Advanced Editor.


YSN's simple online school newspaper administration portal allows you to quickly assign editor, reporter, photographer and other roles to students.  You decide the level of access granted to each member of your online student news staff.

Students get their own accounts but can only publish behind the scenes.  Nothing is viewable by the public until you, the teacher or adviser, review and approve it.  That means students can work at their own pace and you get peace of mind.

Publishing by your students is as easy as typing stories and uploading photos.

Save Time and Money

No software to download or purchase.  Your subscription to the YSN service covers use of the software by you and all of your students.  Your annual subscription includes free upgrades!

Go green by upgrading your print school newspaper to an online digital version.

Your online student newspaper can be up and operational in just a few days!

We provide 3 levels of service (Bronze, Silver and Gold) to fit your needs and budget. 

Compare our affordable online school newspaper pricing.


When you make the leap from print to online, you will not be going alone.  YSN provides support every step of the way!

In the past YSN provided many "canned" newspaper templates (themes).  Now your site colors and graphics for your online school newspaper are custom created at no extra charge.


Check out our service level feature comparison for more detail.

Check out Our Help Center for our Online School Newspaper Service for More Information.



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