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Benefits of An Online School Newspaper

YourStudentNews Benefits


A few reasons to start an online student newspaper for your school or group:

1) It will look good on your student's college admissions and scholarship applications;

2) It is a fun, safe and productive alternative to social networking sites such as mySpace;

3) Students can participate 100% from anywhere with an Internet connection;

4) Students will get to participate in a live activity that is one of the cornerstones of freedom;

5) Develop and demonstrate leadership skills;

6) Practice writing, teamwork (group learning) and organizational skills;

7) Journalism is a great American tradition;

8) Serve your community;

9) Provides an "authentic learning" opportunity;

10) Save time and money compared to traditional print newspapers (Go Green!);

11) Improves communication with parents;

12) Easier to manage deadlines.

13) Helps build academic vocabulary and develop higher order thinking skills.

14) Student ownership of the online school newspaper process and content strengthens your "learning community." Modern journalists and big name newspapers are focusing more and more on online newspapers as an important media outlet. A professional online newspaper is not just for the big guys any more! Our online school newspaper is affordable, easy and secure. Developed by techies and a teacher.



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