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Online Student Newspaper Service!


Wanted: Your Lesson Plans

Seeking Lesson Plans for Online School Newspaper / Journalism


Share your student journalism teaching work with others and earn a little extra money!

We will happily pay $10 for any well written lesson plan for student journalism using our online school newspaper.

A few ideas specific to online school news:
Publishing an Online Student News Article
Online Photo Journalism

A few ideas relating to any journalism course:
Journalism Basics
Writing an News Article
Crafting a Good Lead (Lede)
How a Newspaper Is Made

We are also interested in student news and journalism rubrics.

A few ideas:
Rubrics for evaluating articles
Rubrics for evaluating photographs
Rubrics for evaluating Senior and Section Editors

Have you created a grading rubric for your student's online newspaper articles?

Share it with others and we will pay you $10.

Our intent is to provide these student newspaper lesson plans and rubrics as free downloadable templates free to all of our members.

For more information, send an email to

online school newspaper lesson plans



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